Prevent Rising Proliferation of Head and Cervical Cancer.

In this Present Scenario, Head and neck Cancer is the most common in people. According to the recent Survey there are 5.5% of people who are infected with head and neck cancer. As per the latest surveillance there are more than 12 lac of individuals who died every year because of cancer and the ratio is increasing by the time.

Basically, Head and Neck cancer start from the mouth and the part of neck. Here are some aspects which needs to be consider.

  • In front of the tongue the soft part is anus, the inner lining of the mantle and Hands, the front of the tongue, the neck, Closing the forearm.
  • Middle Part of the throat where there Is very small layer of tongue.
  • Parts of saliva which is really under the tongue .
  • Nose and sinus Base .
  • Thyroid which increase in such stages while you are having such problems .
  • Multiple Skin cancer especially on face, head and neck parts .
  • Sudden change in voice and breathing problems .
  • Pain in Throat while in eating pain in ear for the long time.

After taking medicine there must be proper follow up for the tablets and other things. Everyone must keep such things in mind that there must be proper treatment for the disease. The earlier you detect cancer the early you start treatment. Then you will get the early and better results. Also the chances of living will be increased if the cancer treatment starts in early times.