Oral Cancer


As per the studies, Oral Cancer is very communal in Indian people. It will be on the lips and usually appearances like a tenacious ulcer that does not reconcile, and gradually raises. While there are additional symptoms which may embrace problematic or hurting swallowing, new lumps or bumps in the neck, swelling in the mouth or a feeling of numbness in the mouth or lips.

Symptoms :

  • Evolution of the not healing ulcer or patch.
  • Bleeding from an ulcer while brushing or rubbing or while eating and loosing teeth.
  • Reddish or whitish patch.
  • The oral tongue and buccal mucosa.
  • The hard palate.
  • Mass in the neck.
  • The alveolus and the lips.

Possibility Causes:

  • Individuals that smoke and drink Alcohol regularly are 50-100 times more at risk of developing oral cancer..
  • Masala, guthka, chewing tobacco, paan, beedi or cigarettes – all are causative factors.
  • Oral habits such a paan masala without tobacco, lime paste can lead to oral cancer.
  • Sun Exposure – leads to lower lip cancers.
  • Constant trauma such as that from a sharp tooth can cause oral cancer.
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